Who is Vectoro?

“We are the ones who are no longer enjoying traditional marketing. We have tried something new and it works!”

Here at Vectoro we are obsessed with the newest technologies. We are a young, dynamic company which ventured into the unexplored waters of “modern” marketing. We have tried and found out that it really works.

A hobby became a profession

Vectoro is an illustration of how a hobby becomes a profession. We began with an enthusiastic pursuit of new trends. We were discovering current limits of marketing. We have noted what people like and what they follow naturally.

We have realized one very important thing...

Advertising does not have to be repelling. It does not have to sell forcibly and desperately call for attention. People can like advertising! They can look for it willingly and return to it repeatedly.

We believe that we have found the way to the customer. The way is augmented reality. The way is serious gaming. Our own experiences convince us that these unconventional methods have a powerful effect.

What can we do for you?

Our approach to you

Although we are one of the first companies on the Czech market in the field of serious gaming and augmented reality, we are “cool”. That means we prefer informal approach and a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore contact with us is no “official communication”. Tell us what you think. Tell us everything. Open communication is a condition of successful cooperation!

We are pleased when someone decides to “be different”. Every client that has the courage to do marketing in a different way than the usual deserves our recognition.

Consequently we want to do as much for you as we can. We do not use the word quality, we see it as a cliché. Good marketing has to have RESULTS. That is what we offer you. We want you to have a “taste” of success as well!

In Vectoro we have found out that marketing can be entertaining.