Augmented Reality

When we say that we do Augmented reality, it does not mean we are communicating with aliens.“

Here at Vectoro we have found out that marketing can be done in a more modern way. Modern for us means interesting, appealing and useful. From our own experience we know that in this way we can catch the attention of customers completely naturally.

Your customers will love you and look forward to every meeting with you. Why?

Because you do marketing “a little differently”!

Augmented reality is a new technology. See how “augmented reality” can function in practice:

  • with your smart phone you can try to arrange IKEA furniture in your home even before you order it
  • in a toy store your children can view models of the Lego they are holding in their hand on a 3D screen
  • with a virtual mirror on your screen you can try how the sunglasses from an e-shop fit you
  • thanks to a webcam you can make use of a tool to help you choose the right box to pack your package

Your grandmother considers it black magic. That does not change the fact that this is modern marketing which combines virtual reality with the real world!

Why does the method of augmented reality work?

Augmented reality adds computer generated information to the real world. If you still do not understand, watch this illustration video:

Why does the method of augmented reality work?

Because the three main conditions of successful advertising are fulfilled:

  • Amusing nature – thanks to augmented reality any interesting idea or thought can come to life. Thanks to the interactive style it is sure to amuse your customers.
  • Fascination – your customers will want to know “how you did that.” A new technological toy will raise your reputation quickly and the customers will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Usefulness – the augmented reality app will be designed in order to help someone. To help either with choosing products from an e-shop, choosing the right box for a package and so forth.

We are at the top of the augmented reality field on the Czech market. We will gladly show you how to use augmented reality in your marketing!

I am interested in augmented reality

Our referential technological videos:

Configurator of a housing unit in augmented reality

An illustration of the use of augmented reality in the real-estate sector. Imagine you have an appointment with a realtor who would show you a flat or house that you selected and would offer you to completely customize it in this way.

You could view this project from all sides in 3D and furthermore adjust each room to your wishes (flooring type, wall colour, furniture arrangement etc.), all of this before the completion of the given project.

The app would also directly show you the final price of your modifications so you have immediate control and idea about the costs connected to extra equipment and such. The app would primarily be intended for realtors, sellers and dealers of a given real-estate project.

A gaming concept in augmented reality: The Pub

Imagine a game that would be tied to your favourite drink. For instance a beer of a certain brand. With your friends you would come to the pub, or to a favourite bar, kiosk etc., and you could play a game together in the environment of augmented reality.

In this case we have fitted the game to beer coasters which serve as a model for the game surface. On the surface a model of a pub will appear with the members of the local football club and their opponents running into the pub. Your task – as the fearless barkeeper Lojza – is to prevent the rival club to drink all your beer. With a simple tap on the running enemy football players you will stop them from drinking your heavenly beverage. The objective of the game is to resist the crowds of enemies as long as possible. The objective of this app is to tie your beer brand to an unconventional form of entertainment which only augmented reality can offer.

By means of augmented reality products designated for children can be boosted with entertaining games

Children are on one hand very tricky to entertain and to intrigue; on the other hand, once you succeed in attracting a child’s attention, s/he will stay loyal to you, or your brand, for a very long time.

Augmented reality carries the potential to entertain and interest children in connection with their favourite characters they know from food packaging, in this case from cereal boxes. This app will enable to place – through augmented reality – a game on the cereal boxes which will not only entertain the child but it will also motivate him/her to “collect” all the cereal boxes on which these games will be placed.

When changing game motifs on different products of the same brand you will gain long-term loyal customers.

Depiction of catalogue products in real space.

In this video you can see how we can depict a catalogue product in real setting using a smart phone or tablet and augmented reality.

This depiction can occur on a 1:1 scale thanks to which the client can see how a particular product will look in a particular space, for instance in his/her home or office. The client can also choose how the product should look like, what wood colour, which upholstery; virtually everything there is to choose in a product.

If you thus get a client’s interest there are many ways to successfully complete the sale. The client can either order the given product directly from this app or s/he can be redirected to the e-shop where the product will automatically be placed in his/her shopping cart.

In this way you will certainly intrigue both your current and new customers, you will offer them something new; a new exceptional experience thanks to which the client will view the whole catalogue and will easier choose from the whole assortment. This app can work with equal success for sellers in stone shops to show their customers all possible variations of the products they sell.

Augmented reality in the real-estate field

Augmented reality can also be used for real-estate office and developer project purposes. The client can thus from any angle see a flat or a house that has not yet been built.

The client can take a look in individual floors and examine the proportions of specific flats. For each flat the client can naturally see detailed information, as for instance its space, approximate price and availability. This app can be freely spread by means of the Apple App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Market place so that the highest possible number of people potentially interested in a new flat or house can have access to it. In the same way the app can assist a seller who helps a client to choose the right real-estate.

This method of real-estate presentation is unconventional, modern and it gives the client the possibility to see more than a typical visualization can offer.